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Message from the President

Welcome to Contempo Direct! This website offers a window into the many services and successes we share with the non-profit community.

Contempo Direct is a direct marketing company which consistently achieves much higher response rates than the industry norm. Our successes are due in part to first being selective with our client base. While many direct mail companies will take on just any customer and then cross their fingers and hope to achieve goal, our approach is to first determine if our programs can significantly help an organization. Once we are confident we can make a positive impact, we will do everything possible to ensure mutual success.

When starting out with a new client, we do not simply mail an entire house file. Rather we carefully segment the file and target our creative at those individuals who have demonstrated philanthropic loyalty to the organization. Other segments may not equate to positive ROI. So instead of mailing the entire segment, we test a portion of it.

When creating a strategy we always explore the three R’s: Retention, Recency, and Response. Knowing that one size does not fit all, we structure our campaigns to reach the right audience with the right creative design and message. All non-profit house files need this attention when launching a fundraising campaign. This process will boost response, improve retention, and increase revenue. In addition, we have developed a multi-offer package that will grow your monthly supporters without negatively impacting the overall fundraising revenue specific to each campaign.

Our approach is similar in our acquisition projects. As experts in the area of list services, we first choose the available rental lists that meet the criteria specific to the organization’s mission. Here again, we do not start by mailing every name on a given rental list. Technology allows us to identify individuals with a higher propensity to donate. In addition to eliminating the potential non-responders, our projects utilize a “test, test and retest” strategy. We first create a test panel for each rental list using a random select. The size of each test panel will depend on the size of the rental list, but should not initially exceed 5,000 names. We then examine response. Upon reaching mutually agreed upon response rates, we then reevaluate the lists. Reevaluation means mailing a larger quantity than the initial test. If the response rates hold, we then rollout the list in accordance within the budget parameters. In many cases, this approach produces response rates of 3.00% and up, and greatly reduces the organization’s cost to acquire a new donor or member. In some cases our programs have actually generated positive cash flow, which is rare in acquisition.

In my 25+ years of experience, I have helped build control packages for organizations like Shriners Hospitals for Children and National Wildlife Federation. In addition, I have assisted numerous organizations in utilizing their donor file to identify and attain major gift and capital campaign supporters. We continue to achieve success after success within our campaigns, and we want to share these with you.

Again, thank you in advance for browsing our website. I look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you into the Contempo Direct family.


Jay Gelb, President
Contempo Direct, Inc.