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Turnkey Services

Contempo Direct is a full-service direct mail marketing company, offering turnkey solutions for our non-profit clientele. Whether you need to build the size of your membership or donor base, increase fundraising revenue, or enhance overall retention, we utilize our full suite of services to exceed your expectations.

Our campaigns are designed to target the right audience with the right offer to maximize revenue and response rates. Four color process printing, high quality materials, and personalization are all used to strategically optimize results.


A successful fundraising project is that campaign which optimizes your return on investment. Contempo Direct achieves this by cleansing data and segmenting the mail file. Our exceptional design motivates recipients to open the package. They will then read compelling copy that answers the question: “Why should I donate to your organization?” We customize the ask amounts that will optimize response rates and maximize gift size.

Donor /Member Acquisition

Test…test…re-test! New donors or members are the life and growth of any non-profit organization. Acquisition is a necessary investment in the future of your organization. One of the first goals of a successful acquisition campaign is to create “the control package.” The control package is the mailing piece with the lowest cost to acquire a donor.

The Process: Every program begins with a mutually agreed-upon benchmark goal. Utilizing our list services expertise, Contempo will then select the appropriate rental and exchange lists for your organization. Mailing size and budget will help us determine the number of test packages we will create. We test these packages throughout all selected lists. If mailing size and budget permits, we will initiate a data modeling process. The success of the campaign is achieved when any package meets or exceeds the agreed upon benchmark. Even after the control package is established, Contempo will continue to test other packages against it. The life expectancy of a control package in North America is between 18 and 36 months.

Contempo’s acquisition campaigns are made up of test panels from several rental and exchange lists. Each test panel should be no more than 5,000 names. After initial testing we reevaluate any panels that achieved the desired benchmarks. Our reevaluation panels consist of no more than 25,000 names. If the reevaluation panels achieve benchmark results we will then rollout the list. Quantities of rollout panels are adapted to meet budget.

Donor/Member Retention

Retention is measured within two categories of donors: new donors and those who have been on the file for one year or longer. The key to retaining a new donor is to acquire a second gift as quickly as possible. Statistics show that when a donor makes a second gift to your organization, not only do they become acclimated to giving to your organization; they stay on the file significantly longer. One of the services Contempo Direct offers is a thank you/appeal for a second gift within a short period of attaining the initial donation. We consistently achieve a minimum of 10% response to this effort, thus creating long term retention with new donors.

When donors are on your file longer, you have the opportunity to measure their gift frequency within a given year. This knowledge is vital to consistently achieving higher retention. For example, if a donor is willing to donate four times per year, and you mail them only twice per year, you are missing out on two donations. Conversely, if a donor only donates twice per year, and you ask them six times, you are over-soliciting. We apply this logic to customize each program accordingly.

Monthly Sustaining Programs

Contempo Direct has developed a multi-offer package that enables us to grow your monthly supporters without negatively impacting your overall fundraising revenue. This multi-offer strategy is designed to attain a single donation and/or new monthly donors or sponsors. Using this approach, we successfully build a monthly sustaining donor file that provides consistent and reliable funding to accomplish your mission while also reducing the costs of fundraising.

Targeting and Segmentation

One size does not fit all! Contempo Direct carefully segments all house files by breaking them into many subsets based on each donor’s philanthropic affinity towards the organization. We use variable copy to communicate different messages to the various segments. We are therefore able to cultivate maximum results.

Customized Ask Arrays

Ask amounts are specifically customized to each donor’s gift history. We never simply place a donor within a generic ask array as many other marketing companies often do. This achieves the highest possible average gift without sacrificing response rate.

Printing and Mailing

From proof to print, our production department personally ensures that each component meets the highest standard of quality. Because of our high volume we are able to offer significant savings to clients, both large and small.

Our longstanding relationships with leading mail houses throughout North America allow us to consistently meet scheduled mail dates while offering the lowest possible postage rates.

Creative Design

Even the greatest designers and copy writers cannot know your organization as well as you do. This is why our process begins with what we call The Turnover Meeting. Attendees at this meeting include, but are not limited to: copywriters and designers assigned to your project, your Contempo Direct representative, your direct mail coordinator, our CFO, our President, and any member of your staff who is involved in the project at hand. The purpose of the meeting is for everyone involved to fully understand the campaign goals and objectives.

List Hygiene

In today’s ever changing world of personalized mail, the accuracy of your data has never been more important. NCOA and death overlay are not always enough —human error needs to be taken into account. Each name and address we mail is personally reviewed for grammatical accuracy as well as to adhere to postal regulations.

Budget and Projections

Prior to any project, we submit realistic projections based on a client’s budget and history. We have a proven track record of consistently meeting and exceeding these projections.

List Services

Through our connections in the list management and brokerage industry, we are able to select lists that will achieve optimal results. Our many years of experience working with some of the most well-funded organizations in North America have given us the opportunity to test and validate tens of thousands of different rental lists. The benefits of this foundational work save time and money for any non-profit partnering with Contempo Direct.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is a technology which identifies individuals within rental and exchange lists who have a higher propensity to donate to your cause. A data model is created by identifying various attributes from within your existing house file. This process eliminates potential non-responders and increases overall response rates.

Back-End Analysis/Reporting

As a Contempo Direct client, you will receive Response Analysis reports. We use these weekly updates to share real-time information regarding the progress of each campaign. By monitoring this information, we are able to consistently improve and enhance each subsequent effort. In addition, we are able to make changes to the current program to improve overall results. We consider Response Analysis our bible!